Nolte Möbel stands for environmental protection.

Considered impossible for decades, we cooperated with WKI in developing an internationally unrivalled process for used furniture recycling. Starting with wood from the forest through to chipboard production, furniture production, transportation, installation at the customer’s premises and ultimately the recovery of wood chips from old furniture, we have created a closed and sustainable production cycle that guarantees outstanding, high-performance, flexible and environmentally friendly products.

While quality, design and function play a major role with all nolte products, our environmental responsibilities are extremely important as well. As such, all companies within the nolte Group have been awarded FSC® certification, which recognizes responsible use of global forest resources. We have also been PEFC certified for holistic sustainability throughout our processing chain. And, in addition, we ar unsing only lead-free mirrors.

Independent test institutes constantly monitor our products in terms of safety, ensuring that the materials we use more than meet statutory requirements. This ensures that we meet the requirements for healthy living.

Furthermore, we understand reliability not only in terms of uncompromising product quality, but also a willingness to always be there for our customers. We respond with attention to and respect for our customers’ wishes and see customer value as the benchmark of our performance.

This is what made Nolte what we are today: one of the most successful and innovative companies in the industry.