Elegant, urban greys are highly fashionable – they also lend a room a gentle and sophisticated atmosphere. But they leave room for individual design ideas and immerse the living space in a harmonious, minimalist ambience of well-being. Silk grey is the new trend. It combines gentle intimacy with a portion of elegance. It creates a new personality among the many shades of grey – an equilibrium between winding down and moving forward. Clear, neutral silk grey stands for comfort, softness and transparency. It gives us strength and inner balance while perfectly complementing the latest, creative ideas in interior design. Silk grey also adds depth to linear furniture and has a modern, natural feel that is irresistible to the touch.

Pure, minimalist passion

Combination of polar white and silk grey

Silk grey makes pure polar white shine! The combination of these two bright and closely related shades is refreshing and refined. White furniture creates a smart chill-out zone and is the perfect solution for elegant living. The bright surroundings allow the walls to fade into the background – leaving space for human expression and emotion. White stands for clarity and restraint – here we can let our ideas run wild. The addition of silk grey subverts the clean-cut character of the room revealing a light, unfussy tone that makes a fashionable yet personal statement. White and silk grey generate contrasts and brightness in the surface of the furniture. The effect is a fascinating interplay of light and shadow.

Velvet overtones with a touch of retro

Combination of macadamia nutwood and silk grey

Dark woods have a tasteful and exclusive feel. The combination of dark wood tones and silk grey glass, in particular, lies at the heart of many of the latest interior design trends. The result is an exciting mix of colours and materials. This harmonious relationship between two quite different finishes redefines the way we create contrasts between lightness and weight, matt and gloss. The glass restrains the dominance of the wood to generate a soft, shimmering mood. As a result, the furniture retains an understated tone with a classical touch. The fascinating finish radiates an extraordinary softness and warmth. This is subtly emphasised by the colour-coordinated silk grey.

Natural, powdery tones with a feel-good look

Combination of Riviera oak and silk grey

Design and nature merge into a single entity creating a new aesthetic that is greater than the sum of its parts. When grey meets natural wood, the result is pure comfort and the emphasis on relaxation. In combination with silk grey, Riviera oak has a warm, honeyed wood tone which creates a fresh, bright living space. The calm, subtle Nordic influence is obvious and radiates contemporary warmth. The dialogue between smooth silk grey and spirited oak guarantees an open and communicative atmosphere.